VOLUME: 79, SERIES: B, PART: 1, YEAR: 2017

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  Theoretical Lower Bound for Border Length Minimization Problem [1--20].  
  Author: S Srinivasan, V Kamakoti and A Bhattacharya.
  Classes of Geometrically Generalized Von Mises Distributions [21--59].  
  Author: Thomas Dietrich and Wolf-Dieter Richter.
  Estimation of Actual Proportion of Loanwords in a Language [65--75].  
  Author: Kalyan Joshi and M. B. Rajarshi.
  Influence Diagnostics in Possibly Asymmetric Circular-Linear Multivariate Regression Models [76--93].  
  Author: S. Liu, T. Ma, A. SenGupta K. Shimizu and M.-Z. Wang.
  Bayesian Estimation of the Change Point Using CUSUM Control Chart [94--111].  
  Author: M. Esmail Dehghan Monfared and Fazlollah Lak.
  Evaluation of Orthogonally Blocked Central Composite Designs with Partial Replications [112--141].  
  Author: Eugene C. Ukaegbu and Polycarp E. Chigbu.
  On Testing Exponentiality Against UBA Class of Life Distributions Based On Laplace Transform [142--155].  
  Author: M. KH. Hassan.
  Optimal Test Statistics for Minimising not Cured Proportion in Adaptive Clinical Trial [156--169].  
  Author: Anupam Kundu, Nabaneet Das, Sayantan Chakraborty and Subir Kumar Bhandari.
  Characterization of Bivariate Generalized Logistic Family of Distributions Through Conditional Specification [170--186].  
  Author: Indranil Ghosh and N. Balakrishnan.