VOLUME: 79, SERIES: B, PART: 2, YEAR: 2017

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  Jayanta Kumar Ghosh [187--189].  
  Penalized Likelihood Approach for Simultaneous Analysis of Survival Time and Binary Longitudinal Outcome [190--216].  
  Author: Jaeun Choi and Jianwen Cai and Donglin Zeng.
  Symmetrizing and Variance Stabilizing Transformations of Sample Coefficient of Variation from Inverse Gaussian Distribution [217--246].  
  Author: Yogendra P. Chaubey and Debaraj Sen and Murari Singh.
  Minimum Risk Point Estimation of Gini Index [247--277].  
  Author: Shyamal K. De and Bhargab Chattopadhyay.
  Optimal Block and Row Column Designs for CDC Methods [278--291].  
  Author: M. K. Sharma and Mekonnen Tadesse.
  On Multivariate Log Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution [292--315].  
  Author: Debasis Kundu.
  The Complementary Lindley-Geometric Distribution and Its Application in Lifetime Analysis [316--335].  
  Author: Wenhao Gui and Lei Guo and Huainian Zhang.
  Adjusted Empirical Likelihood for Time Series Models [336--360].  
  Author: Ramadha D. Piyadi Gamage, Wei Ning and Arjun K. Gupta.
  Bayesian Wavelet Analysis Using Nonlocal Priors with an Application to fMRI Analysis [361--388].  
  Author: Nilotpal Sanyal and Marco A. R. Ferreira.