VOLUME: 80, SERIES: A, PART: 1, YEAR: 2018

  Phase Transition in Inhomogenous Erdos-Renyi Random Graphs via Tree Counting  [1--27].  
  Author: Ghurumuruhan Ganesan.
  The Effect of Data Contamination in Sliced Inverse Regression and Finite Sample Breakdown Point  [28--58].  
  Author: Ulrike Genschel.
  On Approximations of the Beta Process in Latent Feature Models: Point Processes Approach  [59--79].  
  Author: Luai Al Labadi & Mahmoud Zarepour.
  Semi-parametric Dynamic Models for Longitudinal Ordinal Categorical Data  [80--109].  
  Author: Brajendra C. Sutradhar.
  Multivariate Order Statistics: the Intermediate Case  [110--120].  
  Author: Michael Falk and Florian Wisheckel.
  A New Look at Portmanteau Tests  [121--137].  
  Author: Fumiya Akashi, Hiroaki Odashima and Masanobu Taniguchi & Anna Clara Monti .
  A Note on Inverse Stereographic Projection of Elliptical Distributions  [138--151].  
  Author: Jean-Luc Dortet-Bernadet & Nicolas Wicker.
  On Being Bayes and Unbiasedness  [152--167].  
  Author: Siamak Noorbaloochi & Glen Meeden.
  New and Fast Block Bootstrap-Based Prediction Intervals for GARCH(1,1) Process with Application to Exchange Rates  [168--194].  
  Author: Beste Hamiye Beyaztas and Ufuk Beyaztas, Soutir Bandyopadhyay and Wei-Min Huang .