VOLUME: 80, SERIES: A, PART: 2, YEAR: 2018

  Finite Partially Exchangeable Laws Are Signed Mixtures of Product Laws  [195--214].  
  Author: Paolo Leonetti.
  Bayesian Variable Selection and Estimation Based on Global-Local Shrinkage Priors  [215--246].  
  Author: Xueying Tang, Malay Ghosh, Xiaofan Xu and Prasenjit Ghosh.
  Multivariate Density Estimation Using a Multivariate Weighted Log-Normal Kernel  [247--266].  
  Author: Gaku Igarashi.
  Direct Inversion Formulas for the Natural SFT  [267--279].  
  Author: Gaku Igarashi.
  Reduced Basis Kriging for Big Spatial Fields  [280--300].  
  Author: Karl Pazdernik, Ranjan Maitra, Douglas Nychka and Stephan Sain.
  A Parameter Dimension-Split Based Asymptotic Regression Estimation Theory for a Multinomial Panel Data Model  [301--329].  
  Author: Brajendra C Sutradhar.
  Moderate Deviations for Ewens-Pitman Sampling Models  [330--341].  
  Author: Stefano Favaro, Shui Feng and Fuqing Gao.
  A Characterization of Exponential Distribution in Risk Model  [342--355].  
  Author: Chin-Yuan Hu, Jheng-Tinng Wang and Tsung-Lin Cheng.
  Randomness Criterion Σ and Its Applications  [356--384].  
  Author: Teturo Kamae, Dong Han Kim and Yu-Mei Xue.
  Efficient Shrinkage for Generalized Linear Mixed Models Under Linear Restrictions  [385--410].  
  Author: T. Thomson and S. Hossain.