VOLUME: 80, SERIES: B, PART: 1, YEAR: 2018

  Application of Two Gamma Distributions Mixture to Financial Auditing  [1--18].  
  Author: Janusz L. Wywial.
  Similar Coefficient of Cluster for Discrete Elements  [19--36].  
  Author: Tai VoVan & Thao Nguyen Trang.
  Some Results on Pareto Optimal Choice Sets for Estimating Main Effects and Interactions in 2^n and 3^n Factorial Plans  [37--59].  
  Author: Jing Xiao and Pallavi Chitturi.
  A Variant of AIC Based on the Bayesian Marginal Likelihood  [60--84].  
  Author: Yuki Kawakubo, Tatsuya Kubokawa & Muni S. Srivastava.
  A Flexible Choice of Critical Constants for the Improved Hybrid Hochberg-Hommel Procedure  [85--97].  
  Author: Jiangtao Gou and Ajit C. Tamhane.
  An Alternate Approach to Pseudo-Likelihood Model Selection in the Generalized Linear Mixed Modeling Framework  [98--122].  
  Author: Patrick Ten Eyck & Joseph E. Cavanaugh.
  Adjusting for Confounders in Cross-correlation Analysis: an Application to Resting State Networks  [123--150].  
  Author: Deepak Nag Ayyala, Rao P. Gullapalli, Anindya Roy and Junyong Park.
  A Two-Stage Design for Comparative Clinical Trials: the Heteroscedastic Solution  [151--177].  
  Author: Elena M. Buzaianu & Pinyuen Chen.
  Solution of Linear Ill-Posed Problems Using Random Dictionaries  [178--193].  
  Author: Pawan Gupta and Marianna Pensky .