Title: Similar Coefficient of Cluster for Discrete Elements

Author(s): Tai VoVan and Thao Nguyen Trang
Issue: Volume 80 Series B Part 1 Year 2018
Pages: 19 -- 36
This article proposes a new concept called Cluster Similar Coefficient (CSC) for discrete elements. CSC is not only used as a criterion to build cluster by hierarchical and non-hierarchical approaches but also to evaluate the quality of established clusters quality. Based on CSC, we also propose four algorithms: to determine the suitable number of clusters, to analyze the non-fuzzy clusters, to analyze the fuzzy clusters and to build clusters with given CSC. The proposed algorithms are performed by Matlab procedures that would allow users to perform efficiently and conveniently in practice. The numerical examples demonstrate suitability and advantages of using CSC as a criterion to build the clusters in comparing with others.
AMS (2000) subject classification. Primary 62H30; Secondary 68T10.
Keywords and phrases: Cluster, Hierarchical, Non-hierarchical,Similar coefficient, Distance