VOLUME: 70, SERIES: A, PART: 1, YEAR: 2008

  Sparsity and the Possibility of Inference  [1--24].  
  Author: Peter J. Bickel and Donghui Yan
  A Note on Fisher-Helstrom Information Inequality in Pure State Models  [25--37].  
  Author: Alessandra Luati
  Optimal Smoothing with Correlated Data  [38--72].  
  Author: Chun Han and Chong Gu
  Characterizations of the Beta Distributions via Some Regression Assumptions  [73--87].  
  Author: Wen-Jang Huang and Yan-Hau
  Random Partition Model and Finitary Bayesian Statistical Inference  [88--108].  
  Author: Federico Bassetti and Pier Giovanni Bissiri
  Expansions for the Joint Distribution of the Sample Maximum and Sample Estimate  [109--123].  
  Author: Christopher S. Withers and Saralees Nadarajah
  Some Further Results on the Winnerís Rent in the Second-Price Business Auction  [124--133].  
  Author: Maochao Xu and Xiaohu Li