VOLUME: 71, SERIES: A, PART: 1, YEAR: 2009

  Confidence Sets Based on Sparse Estimators Are Necessarily Large [1--18].  
  Author: Benedikt M. Potscher.
  Bounds for the Bias of Estimators Under Contamination  [19--34].  
  Author: Claudio Agostinelli
  A Note on Properties of Stationary Waiting Time Distribution and its Heavy Traffic Limit  [35--48].  
  Author: Marek Czystolowski and Wladyslaw Szczotka
  p­Content of a p­Parallelotope and Its Connection to Lilkelihood Ratio Statistic  [49--63].  
  Author: Seemon Thomas and A.M. Mathai
  On the characterization of life distributions via percentile residual lifetimes  [64--72].  
  Author: Gwo Dong Lin
  Unbiased invariant least squares estimation in a generalized growth curve model  [73--93].  
  Author: Xiaoyong Wu, Hua Liang and Guohua Zou
   Some new independence properties of the inverse-Gaussian law  [94--108].  
  Author: Barry C. Arnold and V. Seshadri
   On characterizations based on regression of linear combinations of record values  [109--121].  
  Author: George P. Yanev and M. Ahsanullah
   Tests for a class of life distributions defined via the Laplace transform  [122--136].  
  Author: S.G. Meintanis