VOLUME: 71, SERIES: B, PART: 2, YEAR: 2009

  The unseen species number revisited [137--150].  
  Author: Sucharita Ghosh.
  Modelling the association of discrete survival times in twin gestations based on weighted least squares [151--174].  
  Author: Cande V. Ananth and John S. Preisser.
  Availability effects (specific combining abilities) and interactions [175--186].  
  Author: Damaraju Raghavarao and James B. Wiley.
  On homogeneous skewness of unimodal distributions [187--205].  
  Author: Shubhabrata Das, Pranab K. Mandal and Diptesh Ghosh.
  Statistical inference about the variance of fuzzy random variables [206--221].  
  Author: M. GH. Akbari, A. H. Rezaei and Y. Waghei.
  Predictors for failure times of censored units in progressively type II censored samples from normal and lognormal distributions [222--247].  
  Author: Indrani Basak, N. Balakrishnan.
  Integer valued AR processes with explanatory variables [248--263].  
  Author: Victor Enciso-Mora, Peter Neal and T. Subba Rao.
  An Application of Martingale Convergence Theorem to Analyse Company Data [264--289].  
  Author: V. C. Augustine Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, India and M. G. Nadkarni University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.