VOLUME: 72, SERIES: A, PART: 2, YEAR: 2010

  Minimax Estimation of the Conditional Cumulative Distribution Function  [293--330].  
  Author: Elodie Brunel, Fabienne Comte and Claire Lacour.
  Convergence Properties of Kemp’s q-Binomial Distribution [331--343].  
  Author: Stefan Gerhold and Martin Zeiner.
  A Characterization of p-uniformly Smooth Banach Spaces and Weak Laws of Large Numbers for d-dimensional Adapted Arrays [344--358].  
  Author: Nguyen Van Quang and Nguyen Van Huan.
  Distributions Generated by Transformation of Scale Using an Extended Cauchy-Schlomilch Transformation [359--375].  
  Author: M. C. Jones.
  Minimum Disparity Inference and the Empty Cell Penalty: Asymptotic Results [376--406].  
  Author: Abhijit Mandal, Ayanendranath Basu and Leandro Pardo.