VOLUME: 72, SERIES: B, PART: 1, YEAR: 2010

  Stochastic analysis of a two-unit cold standby system with two-stage repair and waiting time [1--10].  
  Author: Khaled M. El-Said and Mohamed S. El-Sherbeny .
  Robust inferences in longitudinal models for binary and count panel data in the presence of outliers [11--37].  
  Author: Wasimul Bari and Brajendra C. Sutradhar .
  A latent variable model for mixed continuous and ordinal responses with nonignorable missing responses: assessing the local influence via covariance structure [38--57].  
  Author: E Bahrami Samani, M Ganjali and S. Eftekhari .
  Sample size determination in logistic regression [58--75].  
  Author: M.Khorshed Alam, M. Bhaskara Rao and Fu-Chih Cheng .
  Adaptive group sequential confidence intervals for the ratio of normal means [76--95].  
  Author: Joachim Hartung and Guido Knapp .
  Using correlation coefficients to estimate slopes in multiple linear regression [96--106].  
  Author: Rudy A. Gideon .
  Signed differences for weighing designs [107--121].  
  Author: Stelios D. Georgiou.