VOLUME: 73, SERIES: A, PART: 2, YEAR: 2011

  Moment Matching Priors [185--201].  
  Author: Malay Ghosh and Ruitao Liu.
  Expansions for Quantiles and Moments of Extremes for Distributions of Exponential Power Type [202--217].  
  Author: Christopher S. Withers and Saralees Nadarajah.
  Methods of Moments Estimation in Finite Mixtures [218--230].  
  Author: Patrick J. Farrell, A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh and Zhengmin Zhang.
  On the Estimation of the Function and Its Derivatives in Nonparametric Regression: A Bayesian Testimation Approach [231--244].  
  Author: Athanasia Petsa and Theofanis Sapatinas.
  Wavelet Density Estimators for the Deconvolution of a Component from a Mixture [245--266].  
  Author: Christophe Chesneau.
  Resampling Methods for the Nonparametric and Generalized Behrens-Fisher Problems [267--302].  
  Author: Ansgar Steland, Appaswamy R. Padmanabhan and Muhammad Akram.
  Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Cumulative Incidence Functions under Proportionality Constraint [303--328].  
  Author: Segolen Geff ray and Agathe Guilloux.