VOLUME: 74, SERIES: A, PART: 2, YEAR: 2012

   A frequentist framework of inductive reasoning   [141--169].   
   Author: David R. Bickel.
   Invariance, model matching and probability matching   [170--193].   
   Author: Morris L. Eaton and William D. Sudderth.
   Semiparametric Bernstein–von Mises theorem and bias, illustrated with Gaussian process priors   [194--221].   
   Author: Ismašel Castillo.
   Infinitely divisible distributions arising from first crossing times and related results   [222--248].   
   Author: Harry Joe and Vanamamalai Seshadri.
   Maximum likelihood characterization of rotationally symmetric distributions on the sphere   [249--262].   
   Author: Mitia Duerinckx and Christophe Ley.
   The asymptotic distribution of a likelihood ratio test statistic for the homogeneity of poisson distribution   [263--268].   
   Author: Changyong Feng, Hongyue Wang and Xin M. Tu.
   A note on weak convergence   [269--276].   
   Author: R.V. Ramamoorthi, B.V. Rao and J. Sethuraman.