VOLUME: 74, SERIES: B, PART: 2, YEAR: 2012

  One sample goodness of fit tests in presence of shape restrictions on the hazard rate function [171--194].  
  Author: Desale Habtzghi, Somnath Datta.
  Assessing goodness of fit of generalized linear models to sparse data using higher order moment corrections [195--210].  
  Author: Sudhir R. Paul and Dianliang Deng.
  Statistical inferences from serially correlated methylene chloride data [211--237].  
  Author: Martin Klein, Nagaraj Neerchal, Bimal Sinha, Weihsueh Chiu and Paul White.
  Poisson loglinear modeling with linear constraints on the expected cell frequencies [238--267].  
  Author: Nirian Martīın and Leandro Pardo.
  Many to one comparisons in a longitudinal binary data setup [268--285].  
  Author: Nairanjana Dasgupta, Limin Yang and Brajendra Sutradhar.
  Histogram for hazard rate estimation [286--301].  
  Author: Prakash Patil and Dimitrios Bagkavos.
  Ridge estimation in linear models with heteroskedastic errors [302--314].  
  Author: M.A. Alkhamisi.
  Multiplicative random walk Metropolis-Hastings on the real line [315--342].  
  Author: Somak Dutta.