VOLUME: 75, SERIES: A, PART: 1, YEAR: 2013

  High-dimensional AICs for selection of variables in discriminant analysis [1--25].  
  Author: Tetsuro Sakurai, Takeshi Nakada and Yasunori Fujikoshi.
  Improved estimation of the covariance matrix and the generalized variance of a multivariate normal distribution: some unifying results [26--50].  
  Author: Panayiotis Bobotas and Stavros Kourouklis.
  A multivariate normal law for Turing’s formulae [51--73].  
  Author: Zhiyi Zhang.
  Mixing partially linear regression models [74--95].  
  Author: Song Liu and Yuhong Yang.
  A two-step PLS inspired method for linear prediction with group effect [96--117].  
  Author: Ying Li and Peter UdŽen and Dietrich von Rosen.
  Nonparametric statistical inference for P(X  [118--138].  
  Author: Pan Guangming, Wang Xiping and Zhou Wang.