VOLUME: 75, SERIES: B, PART: 1, YEAR: 2013

  On multivariate folded normal distribution [1--15].  
  Author: Ashis Kumar Chakraborty and Moutushi Chatterjee.
  The power divergence and the density power divergence families: the mathematical connection [16--28].  
  Author: Sujayendu Patra, Avijit Maji, Ayanendranath Basu and Leandro Pardo.
  Bootstrap variance estimation for complex survey data: a Quasi Monte Carlo approach [29--41].  
  Author: Cherif Ahmat Tidiane Aidara.
  Estimation of a measure of local correlation for independent samples and time series data [42--64].  
  Author: Sumaia A. Latif and Pedro A. Morettin.
  Efficient algorithm for estimating the parameters of two dimensional chirp signal [65--89].  
  Author: Ananya Lahiri, Debasis Kundu and Amit Mitra.
  Performance evaluation of imputation based on Bayesian Networks [90--111].  
  Author: P. Niloofar, M. Ganjali and M.R. Farid Rohani.
  Bayesian multiattribute sampling inspection plans for continuous prior distribution [112--135].  
  Author: Anup Majumdar.
  On the D-optimality of nonorthogonal blocked main effects plans [136--144].  
  Author: Mike Jacroux.