VOLUME: 76, SERIES: A, PART: 2, YEAR: 2014

  On Generalized Wishart Distributions - I: Likelihood Ratio Test for Homogeneity of Covariance Matrices [179--194].  
  Author: Francisco J. Caro-Lopera, Graciela Gonz´alez-Far´ias, N. Balakrishnan.
  On Generalized Wishart Distributions - II: Sphericity Test [195--218].  
  Author: Francisco J. Caro-Lopera, Graciela Gonz´alez-Far´ias, N. Balakrishnan.
  Robust Surveillance of Covariance Matrices Using a Single Observation [219--256].  
  Author: Olha Bodnar, Taras Bodnar, Yarema Okhrin.
  Inferences on Linear Combinations of Normal Means with Unknown and Unequal Variances [257--279].  
  Author: Anthony J. Hayter.
  On Rereading D. Basu’s Jointly Sufficient Statistic Example Made Up of Two Ancillaries and Miscellany [280--287].  
  Author: Nitis Mukhopadhyay.
  Random Sets and Exact Confidence Regions [288--304].  
  Author: Ryan Martin.
  Bayesian Testing for Nested Hypotheses under Partial Observability [305--327].  
  Author: Carlos Almeida, Michel Mouchart. Hayter.
  On the Local Linear Modelization of the Conditional Distribution for Functional Data [328--355].  
  Author: Jacques Demongeot, Ali Laksaci, Mustapha Rachdi, Saˆadia Rahmani.
  On the Nonparametric Conditional Density and Mode Estimates in the Single Functional Index Model with Strongly Mixing Data [356--378].  
  Author: Said Attaoui, . Hayter.