VOLUME: 76, SERIES: B, PART: 1, YEAR: 2014

  A family of bivariate exponential distributions and their copulas [1--18].  
  Author: N. Unnikrishnan Nair and P.G. Sankaran.
  Modified Beta Distributions [19--48].  
  Author: Saralees Nadarajah, Mahdi Teimouri and Shou Hsing Shih.
  On piecewise polynomial regression under general dependence conditions, with an application to calcium-imaging data [49--81].  
  Author: Jan Beran, Arno Weiershäuser, C. Giovanni Galizia, Julia Rein, Brian H. Smith and Martin Strauch.
  Penalized regression combining the L1 norm and a correlation based penalty [82--102].  
  Author: Mohammed El Anbari and Abdallah Mkhadri.
  A Note on Parameter Estimation Under a t-Model [103--119].  
  Author:Bárbara González-Arévalo and Nabendu Pal.
  Analysis of Interval-Censored Data with Weibull Lifetime Distribution [120--139].  
  Author:Biswabrata Pradhan and Debasis Kundu.