VOLUME: 77, SERIES: A, PART: 2, YEAR: 2015

  On Regularities of Mass Phenomena  [237--248].  
  Author: Victor I. Ivanenko, Valery A. Labkovsky.
  Limit Theorems for Occupation Rates of Local Empirical Processes [249--276].  
  Author: Davit Varron.
  Martingale Representations for Functionals of LŽevy Processes [277--299].  
  Author: B. Rajeev.
  Stick-Breaking Representation and Computation for Normalized Generalized Gamma Processes [300--329].  
  Author: John W. Lau and Edward Cripps.
  A Characterisation of the Gaussian Distribution through the Sample Variance [300--336].  
  Author: Nina N. Golikova, Victor M. Kruglov.
  Some Aging Properties Involved with Compound Geometric Distributions [337--350].  
  Author: Chen Li, Rui Fang, Xiaohu Li.
  Some Results on DDCRE Class of Life Distributions  [351--363].  
  Author: Dian-tong Kang.
  Empirical Bayes Test Problem in Continuous One-parameter Exponential Families under Dependent Samples  [364--379.  
  Author: Qingzhu Lei and Yongsong Qin.
  Asymptotic Properties of Minimum S-Divergence Estimator for Discrete Models  [380--407].  
  Author: Abhik Ghosh.
  Nonparametric Confidence Intervals for Quantiles with Randomized Nomination Sampling  [408--432].  
  Author: Mohammad Nourmohammadi, Mohammad Jafari Jozani and Brad C. Johnson.
  Erratum – A Two-step PLS Inspired Method for Linear Prediction with Group Effect  [433--435].  
  Author: Ying Li and Peter UdŽen, Dietrich von Rosen.