VOLUME: 79, SERIES: A, PART: 1, YEAR: 2017

  Asymptotic Properties of Hazard Rate Estimator in Censored Linear Regression  [1--12].  
  Author: Fuxia Cheng.
  Estimation of the Parameters of a Selected Multivariate Population  [13--38].  
  Author: Morteza Amini and Nader Nematollahi.
  Asymptotic Expansion of the Posterior Based on Pairwise Likelihood  [39--75].  
  Author: Yang Wu and Malay Ghosh.
  Extended Generalized Skew-Elliptical Distributions and their Moments  [76--100].  
  Author: Zinoviy Landsman, Udi Makov and Tomer Shushi.
  Characterizing D-optimal Rotatable Designs with Finite Reflection Groups  [101--132].  
  Author: Masanori Sawa and Masatake Hirao.
  A General Approach for Obtaining Wrapped Circular Distributions via Mixtures  [133--157].  
  Author: S. Rao Jammalamadaka and Tomasz J. Kozubowski.