Sankhya: The Indian Journal of Statistics

1979, Volume 41, Series B, Pt. 3, 4, pp. 129--137




SUMMARY. The address refers to the expanding frontiers of knowledge in statistics and the current controversies, and outlines the role that the International Statistical Institute can play in directing future research to make statistics a socially meaningful and visible science. Suggesions are made about the training of statisticians with a proper blend of theoretical knowledge and skill in applications, development of statistical courses for specialists in other disciplines, the role of government statisticians, and the use of computers in statistical research. Some examples are given to highlight the difficulties involved in defining the efficiency of an estimator and the possible dangers in the uncritical use of methods developed by academic statisticians in practical work.

AMS subject classification.

Key words and phrases. Training of statisticians, mean square error, mean absolute error, James-Stein estimator.

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