Sankhya: The Indian Journal of Statistics

2000, Volume 62, Series B, Pt. 2, pp. 202--216



AICHA ELHOR and MARIANNA PENSKY, University of Central Florida, Orlando

SUMMARY. The problem of detection of locations of lightning events on the basis of ground-based measurements has been studied extensively within the last three decades. The location of a lightning event is derived from the times of arrival of electromagnetic radiation at several locations. The differences in the times of arrivals are converted into differences in distances from the point of origin (x,y,z) of the radiation to (m+1) receiving sites located in xy plane at (ai, bi,0), i=0,...,m. The objective of the present paper is to apply Bayesian estimation with various noninformative priors: the Jeffreys's prior and the reference and the reverse reference priors which coincide in the case of the above problem. Using Monte Carlo simulations, we compare the performance of the Bayesian estimators based on Jeffreys's prior, reference prior and flat prior with the performance of the deterministic method based on solution of a system of linear equations.

AMS (1991) subject classification. Primary 62A15; secondary 62P99.

Key words and phrases. Bayes estimation, noninformative priors, Monte Carlo simulations.

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