Sankhya: The Indian Journal of Statistics

2002, Volume 64, Series A, Pt. 2, 183--192



Herman Chernoff, Harvard University, USA

SUMMARY. Dean Hammond, Professor Baird, Professor Keating, Professor Rao and organizers of this conference, it is a pleasure and honor to be selected to be the keynote speaker at this conference at the University of Texas at San Antonio, in honour of Professor C.R. Rao in anticipation of his 80th birthday. The theme of the conference is Reflections on the Past, Visions for the Future. As keynote speaker I feel compelled to address this theme although this global view is not my usual style. The presentation which follows will be largely influenced by my own experiences. It will represent a {\it tour de force} in containing no reference to the work of Professor Rao, which is {\it everywhere dense} among the accomplishments of statisticians in the last half century, some of which will be explained in the following presentations.

AMS (1991) subject classification}. 62A01, 62-03, 01-02.

Key words and phrases. Decision theory, Neyman-Pearson theory, empirical Bayes, Fisher, Bayesian approach, subjectivity, inadmissibility, computer intensive methods.

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